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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  September 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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leasure. that breaking news coming from the very tense charlotte, north carolina right now. charlotte police sending in its civil emergency unit to safely remove their outnumbered officers from this scene. crowds assembling there after police killed an african american man who they say was orders. but keith lamont-scott's daughter says he was unarmed. she also claims he was disabled. the shooting is under investigation where we will be keeping an eye on this throughout the broadcast. also breaking tonight at 11:00 a scare at a pasco county hospital prompts evacuation orders after anth building's ac unit explodes.
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chapel with an evacuation scare with a problem with the ac unit. >> yes, cameron polom live at florida hospital right now with the very latest out there. cameron? >> reporter: well patients and staff were definitely on edge tonight preparing for possible evacuations when we first arrived administrators told us that they were expecting and considering to evacuate the entire hospital here. then they said that they would only evacuate icu patients and critical care patients, but in the end no on now firefighters say an alarm went off about 5:30 this afternoon. fire chief shawn white had said that there was a small explosion inside the hospital's air-conditioning unit. that's in the rear of the building. the blast shut down air- conditioning throughout the entire hospital. but the power stayed on. pasco county fire and rescue the sheriff department, all responded, ready to evacuate patients if necessary. around 8:30 tonight the
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for at least two hours. it got warm in there. a lot of people were walking around all sweaty and stuff, but seems s to be up and runnin right now, everything is cooling off in there. everything seems to be back to normal. >> reporter: and now we have learned that one incoming patient who arrived here during this was actually transferred to another nearby hospital. other hospitals were diverted until about two they were being diverted to other hospitals in the area. they have crews working on the air-conditioning unit, trying to figure out what happened. in wesley chapel tonight i'm cameron polom abc action news. >> cameron, thank you. you might remember just last month a lightning strike touched off a brief fire and power at point hospital in hudson. emergency crews evacuated around 200 patients that night to other hospitals. they reopened five days later. a quiet highlands county neighborhood in shock tonight. deputies find an elderly man
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>> reporter: this investigation started after deputies went to the home of this victim to do a welfare check. his niece told me tonight that she is heartbroken and she has a message for whoever did this. when you see the unbelievably close bond between an uncle and his niece, how can you not smile? >> my uncle always called me. that is a very special sound. >> reporter: in sebring, who didn't know 95-year-old dominic demundo? >> when i was little i looked up to him. >> reporter: he meant so much to francis ann ruiz. dominic was her god father, the memories they have together are sweet, like this picture of his first selfie. >> he meant the world to me. >> reporter: she knew something was wrong because her uncle always called her back. >> one of his friends went to
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asked if anyone had heard from him all weekend. >> reporter: they had briefly spoken friday and she hadn't heard from him since. now it was monday. >> she heard the tv on and the phone was ringing while we were calling him. >> reporter: deputies went to his home that day on a welfare check. they found him dead on the kitchen floor describing it a graphic scene. >> it's a shame that somebody who has lived 95 years should come to an end such as that. >> reporter: deputies are following leads after finding out dominic had some people to possibly help him around the house. >> whoever did this to my uncle, i hope that he feels guilty. i hope they come around and that they can't sleep at night. they took my uncle away from us. >> reporter: if anyone saw someone going in and out of dominic demundo's home they need to call the highland county sheriff's office or crime stoppers. reporting live marisela burgos abc action news. now an update.
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rahami for planting those bombs in new york and new jersey. rahami was arrested on monday after a police shootout in new jersey. he faces several other charges including use of weapons of mass destruction and five counts of attempted murder. new tonight pasco county deputies are warning parents to pay extra attention to who their kids are talking to on the phone. this man derek rivera is a convicted sex offender. he's not suppose to have internet access or be in contact with minors, but he broke both of those rules right after his release. he's been in contact with an 8- year-old and used facebook and instagram. a pasco county father is in jail tonight after running his car into an elderly volunteer directing traffic at an elementary school. michael paluska tells us that the deputy said that the driver got enraged when he couldn't cut into the drop-offline. >> i could have slid off the hood, fell underneath and he could have ran me over like you wouldn't believe because i feel
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>> reporter: calusa elementary school volunteer william denamen is 79 years old enjoying doing his job. he spent 33 years in law enforcement in the bay area and ironically he says what happened to him tuesday morning at an elementary school is scarier than his time on the streets. >> i've never had anything like this happen to me. it's a shocker to me. he gunned it again and that is when he hit me. and i braced myself that way so i wouldn't fall. >> you went on the hood? >> yeah. >> reporter: deputies already lawrence franklin and charged him with felony aggravated battery with a vehicle. all of it started over something foolish. >> when he tried to cut the line, i jumped over and then i said you can't jump the line. that's not right for these people who have been here for an hour and a half. he blew the horn three to five times laying on it. and i laughed. you know, you can blow all the horn you want. >> reporter: the horn apparently wasn't enough. that's when franklin inched his
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he says that he was bumped once and then again. >> and then he hit me again. when he hit me again is when he cut me open. >> reporter: franklin is in the pasco county jail. no one is at his home for comment. >> i think that he needs to go somewhere. i don't even know if a jail would help him. >> reporter: in pasco county michael paluska abc action news. a miami construction worker in critical condition tonight. police saying that he was hit by lightning as he worked on the roof of a building. the flash also knockedou ropes to lower him safely to the ground. yeah wendy, these were the storms right here that spun that lightning strike around miami up near west palm about 2:30 this afternoon. things have quieted down and for our area mostly clear overnight. a couple of isolated showers are possible out in the gulf, but all in all things should be warm, they'll be muggy with temperatures right now still in
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than a quick shower tomorrow morning will not be as wet as it was this morning especially along the coastal areas. you'll be waking up to partly cloudy skies. it's dry for the first half of the day, the second half not so much. we'll update that and a look at their changing tropical picture coming up in just a couple of minutes. >> we'll see you shortly. thank you, dennis. officials in port st. lucie are investigating a standout there. they shot this man 22-year-old joshua scott after he threatened them with a gun. they came to scott's house when he pulled out that gun and deputies began shooting. the deputies are now on paid leave while that shooting is under investigation. florida deputies going above and beyond the call of duty as you can see in these pictures here. flag her county deputies teamed -- flagler county deputies teamed up with animal officials to rescue a horse after getting stuck in a septic tank. it is unknown how the horse got stuck there, but at the end of the rescue it was up and walking. right now florida theme parks are passing out mosquito
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tourists will still plan their trips here despite zika concerns. but zika may not be the only concern for many theme park goers. disney will hold a two-month blackout period after the opening of its new star wars, toy story, and avatar attractions. that means that season pass holders may have to spend more money if they want to see the new attractions during that blackout period. disney is asking pass holders to pay for regular admission or buy a blackout pass upgrade or actually just month period before going to those new attractions. tonight a puppy is reunited with its family. earlier today that pup walked into the hillsborough county fire rescue station. it apparently followed an engine that was just coming back from a call. well much more all new tonight. a shocking sight into one town as they are remembering a hurtful past. we'll show you why police are now asking for the public's help about a manikin. and plus there are less than 30 or 60 days until we
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coming up, we'll break down the numbers and tell you which candidate that you'll see a lot more than the other. plus, people buy them to keep tabs on their activities. but new tonight the wearable activity devices really helping people lose weight? we have the answers. here is another live look right now at the situation going on in charlotte. this is a live look just minutes ago. police started firing tear gas to help control an angry crowd of protesters. earlier tonight police shot and killed a 43-year-old man. right now we're tc police vehicle there. we will keep following this breaking story and update you on air and online at and on our free mobile app.
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we go back to another live look at the situation in charlotte, north carolina right now. police just telling us that an officer has been hurt in a struggle there with protesters. the officer's injuries are described as non-life
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they're trying to restore order at this point. as you can see there is a crowd there and helicopters above shining lights on them. police also using tear gas to help dispurse this crowd. it was earlier tonight that police shot and killed 43-year- old keith lamont scott there in charlotte. police say he was armed, but witnesses said that the man was sitting in his truck reading a book waiting for his kid to come home. new developments tonight in france where french authorities arrested eight more people. it deadly bastille day in july. authorities had links to the attacker who plowed their trucks down the busy street filled with people. at least five others are already facing terrorism charges and the islamic state group claimed responsibility. a craigslist ad targets a wisconsin elementary school. this is disturbing. the post read, "children for sale." it went on to say, "hundreds to
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the sheriff's office is looking into this post. the school alerted parents and they are now adding some extra safety precautions. craigslist took down that ad. well police are looking for this person who dressed a manikin as a kkk member and placed it on a building rooftop in a small town in vermont. that manikin even posed with a nazi salute you see it there. the town has a history of racial tensions, the last town in vermont to close its government for mlk day back in 2001. happening tomorrow of mylan will be forced to answer some tough questions on capitol hill. mylan has been under fire for recent weeks for raising the cost of epipen. a life-saving allergy drug. meanwhile the ceo's mother is accused of using her position on a national school board association to get schools to force districts to buy the epipen. democracy 2016, new information tonight on just how much each candidate plans to spend on tv ads here in florida. abc news crunching the numbers. you can expect to see a lot
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clinton planning to spend 52 times as much as trump in florida. she will spend more than $36.5 million verses $700,000 from trump. clinton also slated to outspend trump in three other very important states, ohio, pennsylvania, north carolina. analysts say if trump loses even one of those states it will be hard for him to win the general election. overall the clinton campaign planning to spend another $143 million verses a little less than trump's $7 million. spending a lot on tv ads, it is not to say his supporters are not. the nra is launching a $5 million campaign in battleground states in support of the gop candidate. the ad portraying home break-in ending with the words don't let hillary leave you defenseless. there is some stats now about gun ownership in the u.s. listen to this an estimated 265 million guns owned by private citizens in the u.s. and just 3% of adults own half of them. breaking it down further
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7.7 million americans own an average of 17 guns each. the guardians getting these numbers from unpublished service compiled by harvest and northeastern universities. taking action for you now, samsung's galaxy note 7 turning customers away. in a recent survey more than a third of americans who own the recalled phone now say that they want a refund instead of a replacement phone. a little more than a quarter of those surveyed say they will switch over to apple and get an iphone following this recall. will stick with the note 7. well if you wear a fitbit or other techie device you want to hear this next story. a new story comparing dieters who wore term had verses those who did -- who wore them verses those who did not. they actually lost more weight. in the two-year period following nearly 500 of those not wearing the device lost an average of 13 pounds while those who did wear the device lost just eight pounds.
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months away, but the white house has already picked the perfect tree for the occasion. the 20-foot tall firm from wisconsin will be decorated for the blue room. >> it sure does not feel like christmas. >> no, it doesn't. not even close. unless we're celebrating christmas in july as they say. >> yeah. >> even though it's september. >> i was in sam's club a couple of weeks ago and they already have christmas stuff up. >> i posted that on facebook. >> yeah, we haven't even had halloween yet. slow down. folks are happy with this though. you see it on facebook a lot, we love our sunsets, don't we? this is from brittany perkins. beautiful sunset across the area and the weather tomorrow is the last day of summer. that's right, first day of fall on thursday. we'll feel exactly like the last day of summer. maybe a few more showers and storms beginning to pop up the end of the week. but i do think that tomorrow and even thursday a little bit drier than what we would have today. we are not going to have to worry nearly as much as those
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morning. temperatures, you see the upper 70s and the lower 80s. you're like well, that's not too terribly bad, but the problem is when you factor in the high dew points when they are up towards that oppressive side and then they would have that sauna feel to it the first thing in the morning. a lot of folks are asking about those cool fronts. well, they might be on the horizon, but they will not come anywhere near us any time in the near future. low 80s at the major reporting stations right now. satellite picture, pretty quiet. we had the rain first thing in this morning and t inland. get a little stronger as they move over to the east side of the state. i think that the steering pattern is going to be about the same overnight and into tomorrow. and the difference is that there will be less moisture to work with as we are on the drier side of their system off the north and that means that their rain chances will be bumping down just a bit. the last day of summer will be mostly sunny, mostly warm and humid. and nothing more than a couple of isolated showers in the afternoon hours. not a big deal. now on thursday, i think that we'll begin to see maybe a
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but you'll notice that there will not be too many for the first day of fall as we are still lacking a lot of moisture as i do think that friday and into the weekend a little bit better of a chance. any hopes of feeling fall like that you're going to probably have to go to the carolinas to do so. as you noticed by thursday evening back to more of those late evening storms coming back to the coast. and i think that they will continue right into the weekend. and so a big football game on saturday, and big football game on sunday, both locally. that it will be warm and humid. anyo storms as we often do towards the end of summer or early fall. temperatures in the upper 80s to the lower 90s. normally topping out at 89. this in itself is about right. but those dew points will remain very high. so it feels like the temperatures will be closer to 100 degrees. now in the tropics, we've got karl, we've got lisa, potentially there is something brewing even more to the east. and that it is something down the road that we'll need to
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in the open water to the atlantic and to land. karl does pose a threat to bermuda staying just east of that island before they would start to zip off to the northeast with the latest numbers that it could be category two hurricane as they miss that island, but we'll need to watch that with no impact whatsoever for the u.s. for the boaters, the water temperature is 86 degrees. northeast wind at 5 to 10 knots, seeing a couple of feet with your tides, your sunrise, and your sunset. here is a look at their most accurate seven-day forecast to break it down for you the last we will be looking exactly like the first day of fall. 89 both days, rain chances about 30%. so not a lot that will be bad. extending it into the weekend that we will see a little more moisture coming this way. and so whatever you have planned this weekend that you'll be looking good for the first half of the day. then after 2:00 to 3:00 these storms will start to pop just like a typical summer afternoon. so for the big game across the street, well we've got the bucs game that's going on saturday. and rather on sunday and of
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going on saturday. we'll see a lot of this, sunny skies and great sunrises and sunsets with those storms later on in the day. all right, thank you, tennis. the bulls are looking to earn a little respect. they figure a win this weekend over the team will do it. t.k. has more on this matchup next
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hello folks. it's that time of the year. the bulls open up camp on thursday with 12 players including head coach john cooper for the world cup of hockey. rick bonas will be in charge until coops comes back if town. a couple of big names on the team scoring off ben bishop and stephen stancoast who will be sticking around. ben bishop and team u.s.a. had be coming home soon. giving you an early 1-0 lead. canada will be reeling off two quick goals in the span of 14 seconds tonight. matthew shane tieing up the game at 1. then tyler perry will crash the net to give canada a 2-1 lead, a lead they would not give up. canada eliminating team u.s.a. from group competition 4-2. the
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republic on thursday. earlier today both defenseman thompson scoring over sweden. it was the winning goal in that game. meanwhile tonight it is a drop. this was a close one. between the yankees and the rays until the top of the 7th. on the mound for the relief, putting this one right over the plate and gary sanchez takes it for a ride to town. that's not what looking for. the rays going on to lose to the yankees tonight. the final of this one 5-3. and now i sure hope that sfu has simmered down after the blowout loss to louisville over the weekend. the head coach fisher needs to get his team in the right frame of mind to take on usf on saturday. for the bulls despite that loss to louisville would put a stamp of respect on their program. they know it. they are protecting themselves though for making this game
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>> i'm sure that it will make some noise, you know. it is a big game because of the next game. it is big and because it is florida state. and there is a lot of florida state fans in this area and they are in state. they are a good football team. we will miss them. they will get all the attention that you want by one game, but it could help. >> i think that coach eluded to it earlier that we're trying to earn people's respect. they don't really respect south florida. we've had some we're just trying to get back to where it was. so i mean this game is a steppingstone, but like i said before this is the next game on our schedule and it is the most important game on our schedule. >> all right, now out of results of an mri done on bucs runningback doug martin. he strained his hamstring on sunday's loss to arizona taking himself out of the game right here. charles si ms who is his backup, but he is a completely
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more of a finesse guy. but head coach dirk koetter thinks that rogers could play the power game like martin. so we will see what develops there in the next couple of days. what also concerns me is the injury to the defenseman robert ayers. with smith out. and if ayers can't go sunday against the rams that means that the two best outside guys the buccaneers have next to rookie noah spence will not play in the lack of pressure sunday against arizona right now the bucs are five and a half point favorites over the rams. we'll see about that. we're back in a minute and
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before we go another live look at the situation in charlotte happening right now.
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minor injuries. a police officer was also treated for some injuries tonight. he's hospitalized. we're told that the officer's injuries are described as non- life threatening. also tonight this crowd has damaged several police vehicles on the ground. we've seen several shots of tow trucks being pulling the cars out of the area. but the protests are -- protesters are getting smaller. earlier tonight officers shot and killed 43-year-old keith lamont scott. police say they recovered a gun at the scene, but witnesses say that scott was unarmed. we'll have much more on this online on >> have
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>> dicky: from hollywood - it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- denzel washington from "speechless," minnie driver and music from usher. and now, by the power vested in me -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: hi, there. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching. thanks for coming. that's very kind.


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